Ghost of a small drowned man photographedin Scotland

Scots who celebrated the upcoming wedding of one of them were
scared when photographed something inexplicable. Girlfriends
they say they were having fun in a remote cottage in
the historic area of ​​Argyll, where at some point they wanted
go outside and take a joint picture on the background of a beautiful lake
Lough Ek. Having fulfilled their plans, the friends returned to the house and continued
have fun. However, one of them decided to review
the resulting image and unexpectedly found on it a small
boy, lurking for hemp. No children, as is not difficult
guess at the bachelorette party was not present.

When the author of the find reported her present, the ladies again
went outside, this time to find the mysterious young
guest. Nevertheless, his trace was gone (if at all). On
the next morning the tartan went shopping to the nearest town and
showed the picture to the seller, asking him if he knows

The man replied negatively, however, after finding out
a photo taken, told the customers the old
the legend of a medieval boy who suffered from somnambulism
and one night, unconsciously leaving the parental home, drowned
in this very lake. Since then, it is believed that his spirit periodically
materializes in our world and scares the living (perhaps not even
on purpose, but this is the way a person is arranged – he is frightened by any shadow from the world
the dead). In a small hotel “The Coylet Inn”, standing on the shore
Lough Eka since the 17th century, the ghostly boy is seen especially
often. He runs up the stairs, laughs, and sometimes even crashes.
plates in the dining room (which you take from the child).

It turns out, girlfriends photographed the ghost of a small
drowned? However, not all users of the World Wide Web
believe in such a mystic. Many of them felt that it was
any boy next door to sneak up on unfamiliar women
and sneak photographed with them. This assumption is believed
most if not for the ghost stories of the little
drowned man, which is seen here quite often …

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