Ghost opens and closes entrance doorsthe hotel

On the Internet, a video is gaining popularity.
captured the moment of the mysterious phenomenon: in a hotel in the USA
The front door closes and opens the invisible ghost. Exactly
believes Joshua Shedd, who called himself an employee of this hotel and
who sent this material to the British tabloid

Here is how he describes this inexplicable door behavior:

At first I thought that there was some kind of malfunction.
automation, but the doors continued to open and close, as if
Someone indulged in running through them, but nobody is visible!
This felt some kind of tension, as if someone is present
near the door, invisible and ghostly. So I got a smartphone and
Hastened to remove the mysterious phenomenon. It pushed me more
that this is not the first time that something happens in this hotel
incomprehensible. For example, last night someone is also mysteriously
manipulated on-off dryer, fan. All this
very strange…

Joshua Shedd did not call the employees of the Day Star
the hotel in which he works because he is afraid that after that
just get fired. However, journalists have not only marked this material.
on the site of his tabloid, but also told a lot of interesting things about
spirits of hotels that for some reason love to settle (linger) in
these crowded places.

For example, the Langham Hotel in London, opened in 1865,
has accumulated an entire collection of ghosts in its 1.5-year history
not only great people, say, Napoleon III Bonaparte, but
and numerous lackeys and butlers, apparently, still
serving their famous customers.

Ghosts of famous people refuse to leave the hotel
�Los Angeles “Hollywood Roosevelt”, built in due time
especially for millionaires. It is to some extent even attracted
here are customers who are not averse to encounter something beyond and
mysterious. Here they can hear ghostly moans and screams,
see mysterious phenomena, for example, “spontaneous”
furniture movement and more. It is said that the spirit of the actor
Montgomery Clift still rehearses her roles here and plays on
pipe in your favorite room at number 928.

By the way, she clarifies the British tabloid, the ghosts of hotels are practically
never evil, and if you still scare guests, then
the most harmless things, for example, the same pampering with doors,
what Joshua Shedd fixed. If you perceive the spirits as something
the usual, then in these pranks there is nothing terrible. Rather, it is even
funny and touching …

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