Ghost or demonic entity in the carfound on the old photo

The user of a popular entertainment and social resource
�“Reddit” under the pseudonym meg-a-tron claims that
accidentally discovered in one old photo something that might
theoretically being a ghost or even a demonic entity.
According to the frightened girl, several children were bought back to her sister
the first (note, used) car, and the family of our heroine
photographed their purchase in the parking lot. Nobody saw
then nothing strange neither in reality nor in the received

However, the other day meg-a-tron was looking through old footage from
family archive and inadvertently stumbled upon this very picture with,
presumably an empty car. The girl ran on the back
chill when she suddenly spotted in the back seat
vehicle is a translucent figure resembling a woman with
long hair and dark eyes frowning. Looking at all,
a possible exit from the next world looked directly at the photographer through
car window. Our heroine was so impressed and shocked.
this find that immediately hurried to share it with the regulars
�”Reddit” in the section of the site dedicated to supernatural

Some commentators have reported that to the left of the frightening figure in
Saloon cars can consider another face with empty black
eyes looking in front of you. Some resource users
thought that this image captured the fact that
not amenable to rational explanation. Other commentators are sure
that this is just a paradolic illusion caused by bizarre
highlights on the car window. Be that as it may, meg-a-tron reports that
this car her sister has already sold and if he is damned either
attracts for some reason ghosts (for example, salon
visit the dead owners of this machine), now it is a problem
new owners.

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