Ghost photography caused a stir inIndian campus

Students and teachers of the University of North Bengal,
located in the Indian city of Siliguri, were puzzled and
scared of sinister photography being spread among themselves
the students. The mysterious snapshot depicts a pale human silhouette,
standing at night near the campus fence.

Immediately rumors spread about the ghost that wanders around
university campus after dusk and scares its inhabitants. WITH
Since then, students and even teachers have tried to avoid going
which leads to the campus from the forest, against which was
Photographed the alleged comer from the next world.

The new urban legend, surprisingly, chained
close attention not only to young people studying here, but also
their teachers. Some professors said they were surprised and
angry with such shameless trick of youth. In their opinion,
some craftsman photographed the night forest and processed the resulting
frame in the editor by adding a phantom shape to it. Thereby he
quite scared of his fellow practitioners and even some particularly superstitious
educators. The university management plans to calculate the prankster,
if this is really someone’s skillful joke, and take against
him disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, outsiders who wish to
see the “ghost in white” with my own eyes. Even local
researchers of supernatural phenomena visited with permission
administration campus at night to confirm
or refute rumors about the restless spirit. No paranormal
activity experts have not recorded. This, however, is by no means
suggests that the frightening phantom is not here. Can,
a mysterious man from the other world decided to calm down for a while in order to
put down the general vigilance, and now begins to direct on
surrounding horror with doubled zeal. Or maybe it was a random
the appearance of a ghost, or say so – a one-time, because
the randomness of mystics to speak is somehow even indecent …

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