Ghost read bible in old englishthe pub

Do immigrants read the Bible? Maybe far but everything, but
some are for sure. At least, the 34-year-old says so
British ghostbuster Shawn Reynolds from Liverpool.
The paranormalist even managed to remove this
fantastic process on video. The specialist reports that he visited
recently at night the old pub “Owd Betts” in Rochdale and stumbled there on
the ghost of the first owner of the pub Betty, who was sitting behind
table and reading scripture.

By turning on the entry below, you can see Sean,
which initially invokes the spirit of a woman:

Greetings. Can you do one thing for me? Show
me that you are here!

Then the Briton looks over his right shoulder and says:

I feel like someone came in here now. Know how whiff
drafts …

After that, at the opposite end of the room suddenly begins
squeak alarm responding to movement in the dark. Reynolds
heading there with her cameraman, wanting to see a ghost
with my own eyes. However, nothing suspicious there
like not – only a table with the Bible and some others

Fortunately, one of the fixed cameras was sent all the time.
to this place. After reviewing the record from it, the researcher
noticed something amazing. It turned out that at that very moment,
when the alarm went off, on the sofa near the table
spontaneously changed one of the pillows. After
this bent over the cover of the Bible, as if someone had touched
her finger

Our hero tells:

Is it really Betty sat down on the sofa to join
our society? I can not find what happened next
rational explanation. I was very excited when I realized that
we managed to capture on video how Betty supposedly
interacts with physical objects. It was paranormal
an investigation that I will never forget. Betty, I guess
почувствовала дух Рождества и материализовалась в своем the pub, чтобы
drink a glass of a strong and read a favorite spiritual book –
The bible

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