Ghost reflection hit the cameraobservations

In the section of the famous social network “Reddit” dedicated to ghosts and
other supernatural phenomena appeared curious
publication. User under the pseudonym RealBernieSanders
claims that hell has started up in his home not so long ago. By
According to the man, there is absolutely no place in the house
a mysterious human shadow and “walks” on the walls, then also
suddenly disappears somewhere. And a few days ago, she suddenly
even hit the video.

Камера observations в кухне нашего героя зафиксировала эту самую
a figure that “swam” along the wall and even reflected in the cabinet with
crockery. The owner of the house claims that the shadow arose there contrary to
known laws of optics, since there are no sources in the kitchen
lighting, would contribute to the appearance of such shadows, even if
would any man pass there. But is it worth even talking about
because there were no people in the room at the time
least living.

RealBernieSanders is convinced that a sinister shadow casts some
an invisible comer from the thin world. Or maybe the shadow itself is
an entity from another dimension? Anyway man
admits that at the same time scared and excited like
cohabitation. Tellingly, the intended ghost has never
did not harm anyone, so our hero believes that the phantom
can be a “harmless little.” It is likely that he just wants
make friends with people …

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