Ghost slipped near the Louvre “caught” onvideo

A group of travelers who recently visited Paris reported that
ей, вероятно, удалось запечатлеть на video один из местных

According to tourists, they visited during their vacation in the Louvre
the palace and filmed the entrance to the ancient royal castle. Only
a few days later our heroes looked through the hotel
received clips and unexpectedly noticed something on individual frames
suspicious. Near the museum was a mysterious pale silhouette,
who accidentally hit the camera lens.

A shapeless whitish figure, a little like a man,
sails far in the distance above the ground. Turning on the one below
video, вы сможете увидеть как оригинальную запись этой аномалии,
and an enlarged fragment of it. What is it, the opinion of those whom
interested in frames, divided:

  • Some Internet users believe that this is in fact
    come from the thin world. And why not, if ghosts
    постоянно попадают в объектив современных videoкамер?
  • For others, we have some kind of flying in the wind.
    plastic bag. However, even the proponents of this theory
    they talk about it, most likely half in jest, because the flying
    plastic bags (especially such huge) easily catches
    the human eye, and without fail in the first place.
  • It is also suggested that this is a normal installation. Not
    исключено, поскольку ни один еще эксперт в области videoмонтажа не
    analyzed this record for authenticity. At least no one in
    comments about this does not mention.

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