Ghost sprung underwater scareddivers

Ghosts are most often photographed in ancient castles and on
gloomy cemeteries, but under the water – this is something new. 52 year old
Darren Harris from Birmingham claims to be able to capture
in the picture is just such a phantom that materialized at a depth in
Red Sea.

Briton rested in the Egyptian city of Hurghada and one day
decided to go diving. He plunged into the water several times.
took off on the phone of friends, and then suddenly noticed on one
from the received images something ominous. Bubbles ejected
the divers of his comrades merged together to form
humanoid figure. Harris is convinced that she looks like
skeleton or even ghost.

That’s what our hero told reporters the tabloid “Mirror”:

We swam near the reef, and I took a lot of shots, testing
waterproof case for your smartphone. I did not notice anything
unusual in this photo until he returned to the United
Kingdom. It is very creepy. I don’t really believe in ghosts or anything else.
supernatural things, but I’m still not comfortable with it
silhouette that I captured under the water. I think it’s some kind of
a sign – because in this world nothing happens by chance, this is me
I believe unconditionally.

Boarding users reacted to the image and the words of an Englishman in
mostly extremely mocking. In their opinion, this is the most common
pareidolic illusion, though surprisingly rare and even
amazingly beautiful. Darren, however, ignores skeptics
and continues to build theories about the alleged person with
of the world. He believes that it can be a drowned spirit
once said goodbye in this place to life.

But the opinion of another web user – a supporter
the reality of this “underwater ghost”:

Paradolic illusion is a purely academic term.
coined by orthodox from science. We still don’t really know
why our brain snatches from the reality around us
some images and familiar objects, where, in fact, they should not
be. After all, the work of the brain, its failures can be blamed anything
(this is how we manipulate both science and religion), but then
another question arises – why modern photo and video cameras
also prone to paradolic illusion? Why appliances
snatches something mysterious and mystical from the world around us?
We will never understand, of course, that the “ghost” took off under water
Darren, but he is one hundred percent right in that this is far from
random play of light. Or rather, to say so: this game
of light is far from accidental!

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