�”Ghost Town” noticed in the RussianThe Arctic

One of the users of the popular Russian entertainment
Site “Picabu” published two very unusual snapshots received
im recently not far from Yamburgskoye oil and gas condensate
deposits on the Tazovsky peninsula in the subarctic zone of the Russian Federation.
The photos depict a strange mirage suspiciously reminiscent of
a number of high rises of the Soviet period on the frozen horizon.
Amazing isn’t it?

The most interesting is that no cities, even small ones, in radius
300 kilometers from this place is not! Where did they come from then

Apparently, this is a Fata Morgana – a rare and complex
an optical phenomenon in an atmosphere consisting of several layers
mirages. In other words, we have a multi-layered reflection in the sky.
surface of the earth close to the horizon. Such a “layer cake” of
sets of reflections and creates the illusion of multi-storey buildings over
horizon line. As a reflective “mirror” are
tiny ice crystals and water droplets in the air.

In the old days, such mirages, as you might guess,
perceived by people as something supernatural and incomprehensible.
But today there are people who see something in it
more than an ordinary mirage …

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