Ghost towns fly above the earth

Ghost cities no no no appear in the sky in front of the gaze
surprised witnesses. This happened more than once in China, although there
the visions were more like cloud formations. But the inhabitants
the Nigerian village of Dudali, for example, observed how in the sky over their
a fairy-tale city sailed through the village, lit by a multitude of lights
while Africans are well distinguished in this heavenly city
buildings, trees, cars, heard the usual city noise and many
other details.

As it turned out, more often ghostly flying cities see
the pilots, just on such information has always been imposed strict
veto, so she began to seep on the Internet just now,
when in this case began some indulgence, and indeed
Witnesses of these mysterious visions are no longer afraid to get into
a madhouse telling that.

Ghost Town of the Chilean Pilots

So, in 1988, pilots of the Chilean patrol aircraft
flew over the highlands, where there was absolutely no
settlements. Suddenly they noticed below a huge city that was burning
numerous lights. At first, the aircraft commander suggested that
this is the resort town of Antofagasta, located in northern Chile, but
immediately dropped this version: how could he be in this deserted
area? Or was the crew off track? The pilots immediately contacted
dispatch service and got the answer that their plane was going
the right course, and under them – some mountains, no city, yes
and can not be.

The crew of the aircraft made another round over the city, which allegedly
No, and which is really well viewed from above,
as if mocking the unknowing pilots. And then this
the megalopolis and completely stunned them: he suddenly moved from his place and …
flew northwest, increasingly picking up speed. Soon his
numerous lights merged into one yellow spot, which gradually
�”Melted” in the clouds. Needless to say, the crew nothing to anyone
I did not report: they will consider him crazy. And the dispatcher, thank God, not
gave them a request of serious importance …

Other meetings with the ghostly megalopolis

In 1996, apparently, this same mystical city met
Airliner crew over the Andes. And in this case, burning millions
the metropolis was surprised by the street lights, and then even scared
pilots because they swam over the mountains and soon disappeared from

More recently, the American media told about one such
case that occurred in 2006. This time the ghost town
noticed the crew of a private jet of the United States that was flying to Polynesia from
Colombia. Flying over the thick layer of clouds in the area
Galapagos Islands, pilots witness a fantastic
the pictures. Here is how one of them described it:

The flight took place, as they say, without a hitch,
nothing foreshadowed any surprises. Suddenly … in the clouds
It seemed a yellow spot. We, of course, immediately changed course
taking the left to avoid a possible collision. But nothing
did not work, and the spot, which grew into millions of lights, went straight
below us. It was a huge metropolis. In the breaks of the clouds we could
clearly see the strange, some kind of modernist architecture of his
buildings, like nothing, from the windows of houses the light flowed, the streets,
perpendicular to each other, well lit
Again, some strange lights. On these streets
cars were moving, and small buildings were flying over the buildings.
vehicles, like air taxis. It was earthly and at the same time
fantastic city. True, we watched him no more than a minute,
Yes, and it was not very convenient to do it because of the clouds. And then
the fabulous metropolis just flew away at a speed of at least 40
kilometers per hour. My comrades managed to take some pictures
this miracle …

As reported below, rave stories about the ghost city
reached the leadership, the pilots were soon questioned in the intelligence of the Air Force
The USA forced to describe everything in detail and took a receipt about
non-disclosure of this incident. Information about the flight leaked
by chance. The main narrator of this amazing meeting
at some point nightmares began to torment, last year he turned
to the psychotherapist and at the hypnosis sessions told this doctor
fantastic case …

However, today flying ghostly cities are no longer
secret to many researchers. Some of them disagree with
the generally accepted version of the “spatial mirages.” If these are mirages,
it is rather temporary, and then it may just be “breakthroughs” in
Parallel Worlds. It’s not by chance that people see some strange,
just fabulous megalopolises, not very similar to ours
earthly …

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