Ghost Ukrainian village where strangeway people die and disappear

Residents of the Ukrainian urban-type settlement Babai in Kharkiv
the area was alarmed by the supposed ghost with which
recently faced one of the locals. The man rode quietly
at night by car and, being on the outskirts of the village, suddenly
noticed in front a bright humanoid silhouette, as if steamed
over the road. To the surprise of the witness, devilry perfectly fixed
his DVR.

By including the report of the Ukrainian journalists presented below, you
you can see with your own eyes the camera shot DVR
mysterious phantom moving in the dark. He first quickly
slides along the road, then disappears from view of the lens

It is noteworthy that in recent years something has happened in Babayah
sinister and frightening. Villagers say that local men
often lay hands on themselves, hanging in a forest belt and abandoned
homes. Whether to blame the difficult situation in the country, or something
completely different, mystical. And in the forest nearby now and then disappear
women. For example, one of them, before disappearing,
complained to relatives about the voices in her head that called her to nature.
All this is like a picture of horror movies, is not it? Can,
The ghost caught in the camera lens is also one of
Fragments of this creepy supernatural puzzle?

However, ghosts on the roads – a fairly frequent occurrence,
since there is no such route where fatal accidents do not occur.
In this case, the relatives of the victims, as a rule, care more about
to build on the side of the road near the accident peculiar
a monument to the deceased (at least some), instead of singing the deceased
in the church, thereby freeing the soul from earthly attachments. That’s
restless souls on the slopes, often collecting tribute in the form
new victims of traffic accidents …

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