Ghost with glowing eyes hit onvideo in the caves of nottingham

In the famous English attraction “The City of Caves”,
located under the streets of Nottingham, on the video, apparently,
captured a real ghost.

32-year-old British paranormal explorer Tony
Ferguson specially visited this terrible place the other day with a view to
make contact with the spirits of the dead. Ghost hunter doesn’t even
suspected that he would be able to fix one comer from that
light on the camera.

�The “City of Caves” is a huge underground maze of
more than 500 sandstone caves discovered in the Dark Ages
European history, that is, from about VI to X century AD.
The natural complex was used in the Middle Ages and even in times
World War II. Many people broke up here with their
lives, so it is no surprise that this is a dungeon
teeming with frightening supernatural tenants.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
a mysterious light appears from the “nowhere” by the vault of the cave. Then
another radiant point appears next to it. Then out of the dark
a fat, translucent figure comes up that moves to the left
and hiding behind the pillar. Many Internet users believe
that it was a creepy shapeless phantom with ghostly glowing
eyes. Meanwhile, the author himself saw video on ominous frames
human figure in clothes of the 1800s. What were the lights
shone in the dark, Tony Ferguson cannot say with accuracy. Here is
his comments on the video:

Maybe it was ghostly lanterns or candles. In these caves
deeply sunshine does not penetrate at all, therefore in
former times people had to use here primitive
sources of artificial lighting. I was just shocked when
all this damn thing got on the video. I saw it with my own eyes, but I
was there alone, and there was no one around who could later
confirm my words. However, the ghost, fortunately, is beautiful
imprinted on camera. This is another big event in my
practice on the study of paranormal phenomena.

Indeed, the frames turned out to be rare and impressive, oh
ghosts on the Internet usually print materials with much more
modest accompanying documents confirming the words
witnesses of this paranormal. And then … However, judge for yourself …

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