Ghostbusters captured strangevoices and lights in an abandoned church

A group of researchers of supernatural phenomena “Cambridge
Ghostbusters “claims that she managed to capture on
video ominous children’s voices in the old church of the XV century. Besides,
experts photographed the mysterious lights outside the abandoned
religious buildings.

According to urban legends, this church was built on
nameless graves of children who died of cold shortly before
catholic christmas For this reason, they say, there is always
something frightening and inexplicable happens, invariably attracting here
Lovers tickle your nerves. In 1853 the church was destroyed,
leaving only one of her towers. There and headed on December 9, our
heroes. Now they decided to tell the public that
them happened.

�”Cambridge Ghostbusters” infiltrated the tower of the Cold
Christmas Church (this informal name was given to her by local
residents) near the English town of Weir of Hertfordshire and
decided to hold a ritual of calling guests from the other world there.
The British used a doll that supposedly belonged
one of those unfortunate frozen children, as well as a special
high-frequency audio equipment and electromagnetic detector

At first, the experts heard a strange blow, then sneaking up to
bones growl: “Let me out!” After that, in one of the members
teams from no matter where the stone flew. The researchers found
that being in a tower is too dangerous, and left it.
After taking a photo of the church, they captured two in the picture.
incomprehensible lights. Group Leader, 27-year-old Craig Jones,

Spirits clearly did not want us there for a long time. Rather
in total, two of them even followed us, and it was them that we
managed to take pictures near the tower in the form of soaring above the ground
lights. The legend of the cold Christmas church is that its
built right in the cemetery where they were buried frozen in front of
Christmas orphans. It is said that after 1853 they conducted here
their rituals of the witch and satanists. Perhaps they awakened the spirits
unhappy children.

The only surviving tower of the Old Church of the Virgin Mary and all
saints is considered one of the most densely populated places
United Kingdom. It is argued that the building can
hear someone growling and breathing while in the cemetery near the church
sometimes a phantom marching platoon of soldiers appears.

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