Ghostbusters didn’t notice howcaptured in 2009 mystical face

Ex-members of the once very popular “Most Haunted” show,
dedicated to the quest for supernatural phenomena and emerging on
British television screens in 2002–2010 reported curious
a find that awakened nostalgia in many former viewers
this program. According to ghostbusters, they captured
in 2009, something beyond the ordinary, but by chance
noticed it only now, almost a full decade later.

The video below was received by researchers.
paranormal in November 2009 in the old court building
English city of Exeter, Devon. Strolling through the night
an ominous abandoned building, phantom hunters have heard in
the darkness of someone’s loud footsteps and felt the presence of something
invisible. And at 4:11 you can see a small
angry face floating in the air behind the parapsychologist
Kiarana O’Cliff.

It is this pale face in the darkness of the basement that the researchers and
noticed initially. Alleged migrant
then caught in the camera lens, suddenly saw the other day
ex-lead “Most Haunted” Yvette Fielding. Surprised woman immediately
The former colleagues notified about their discovery, and they concluded that this
one of the most impressive and frightening anomalies that they
ever captured on a photo or video.

It is a pity, today it is no longer as relevant as 9 years ago, writes
Yvette Fielding and immediately recovers, is not relevant only for
some TV viewers – our former admirers, however, as I
It seems that this topic worries people always. And because users
Internet will be interesting to see the manifestation in our
the physical reality of the subtle world of the dead – the real ghost.
Maybe it will even guide someone to let true, forcing
to believe that after death we are waited not by oblivion, but by something
other …

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