Ghostly facial and palm prints appeared onby car

User of a well-known social and entertainment portal
�”Reddit” under the pseudonym Berndoggg claims that recently on his
the car turned out to be mysterious prints of someone’s face and palms.
According to the man, he and his family went to the cemetery the other day,
to visit the late relative. They parked on the road
погоста и пошли к могиле неподалеку, а когда вернулись к by car, то
found on it these strange, frightening traces.

Berndoggg assures that no one was nearby, and no one
suited to the vehicle of travelers. But whence then
took the sinister prints? Due to the fact that the action took place
at the place of eternal rest, the man and his relatives immediately thought of
ghosts. Perhaps someone’s restless spirit got out of the grave,
decided to inspect the car and left on it the traces of his face and hands. BUT
maybe it was some evil phantom to fear?

Some commentators on Reddit remembered American
the horror film “Jeepers Creeper”, in one of the scenes of which the winged
чудище, питавшееся людьми, оставило на by car главных героев
similar traces of human ashes. Unfortunately,
Berndoggg finds it difficult to say what the prints consisted of.
palms and faces on his car. The man says that their
At first it was hard to erase, but then he was helped by a strong
detergent. Leave them to the researchers
paranormal phenomena, the motorist just did not guess…

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