�”Ghosts of Mars”: found on the Red Planetradiant figure

Is Mars an empty, uninhabited planet, or is it
still have life? Some believe that the distant celestial body
completely populated by “green men” or even survivors
Martians who built cities within the planet. Other
convinced that even primitive bacteria are absent there. None
however, in reality, things may be somewhat different.
Some ufologists, for example, enlisting the support of researchers
supernatural phenomena have put forth an unusual assumption that
there can live … ghosts.

About the ghosts of the Martians wrote the famous science fiction author Ray
Bradbury in his “Martian Chronicles”, which many consider (and
I must say, deservedly), the prophet storyteller. And in 2001 came out
Fantastic Horror Movie “Ghosts of Mars” directed by John
Carpenter. The painting tells of a relatively distant future, in
which the Red Planet has become habitable for people. Local
the miners inadvertently stumble upon an underground structure of representatives
the ancient Martian civilization and expelled angry spirits

On Monday, November 5, on foreign ufological sites
there was amazing news. Experts write that
viewed images of the Red Planet taken by the famous rover
NASA “Curiosity”, and unexpectedly discovered on the frames of the Martian
landscape of the same mysterious luminous figure. American
the rover was photographed three times from various angles. So
However, this cannot be a random flash of light or

Although the intriguing radiant silhouette cannot be called
too anthropomorphic, many ufologists, ghost hunters and
ordinary users of the World Wide Web felt that he could
to have the outlines of a living being. We still do not know with
Accuracy, like the Martians. What is characteristic, the alleged
the spirit changes its shape somewhat in each of the three images.
In addition, he seems to be hovering a dozen centimeters above
surface of the home planet.

Maybe on Mars there are indeed phantoms of the dead there
humanoids? If any person has an immortal soul, then
It is logical to assume that other intelligent creatures in the universe
possess it. It is possible that the Red Planet was once
inhabited, or it is inhabited so far. Take for example the same
aliens who quite possibly also cannot exist
forever, and therefore their souls are surely capable of periodically
materialize in those places where these creatures found themselves at
of life.

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