Ghosts on the beach hit the camera

A resident of the United States claims that in the summer of this year
He managed to photograph two ghosts on the beach. All this time
the man did not dare to lay out his mysterious picture in the World
spider web However, the other day he saw an interesting TV show about
supernatural phenomena and, inspired by her, wished,
finally, show web users their amazing frame.
The image immediately caught the attention of many fans
mystics and just curious.

The American says that he walked on a warm summer evening
near the coastal hotel “The Don CeSar” in the city
St. Pete Beach Florida. Caught at a certain point on
the beach, our hero took a few shots there
sunset Only after a while he looked at the photos.
and suddenly found something frightening on one of them. In the water near
the shores appeared two transparent human silhouettes. One of them
clearly similar to a man, and the other – to a woman. Is it really a perfume
a couple in love who decided to swim in the ocean?

However, skeptics quickly found all this “mystic” possible
rational explanation. According to them, the alleged ghosts –
it’s just dried salt from sea water droplets on the lens
cameras. Unfortunately, the author of an amazing frame can not confirm
or refute these guesses, because I managed to remove others
the pictures taken that day because they didn’t justify him
expectations capture a beautiful sunset. He does not deny that
the clue to this mystery may be the most prosaic, but still
prefers to believe that he met two immigrants from that evening
thin world. And many agree with him …

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