Giant clock for posterity, calculated onwork 10 thousand years

Jeff, one of the richest men on our planet
Bezos builds a huge mechanical in one of the mountains of Texas USA
working hours for at least 10 thousand
years old.

Hours for descendants are built inside the mountain of the famous ridge
Sierra Diablo, where a 152 meter mine was built for them

Developed a giant mechanical watch by Applied
Minds. As planned by their creators, the clock is programmed to perform
every year a unique battle, they will work due to the differential
day and night temperature, and adjust your course on the sun.
The clock will have a five-figure Gregorian calendar, for example,
the current year, if, of course, by this time the project is completed,
determined as 02018th.

When the construction is completed – it is not known, but Jeff Bezos
Already reported that the clock will have free access for everyone.
True, to get to them will not be easy, because the clock is set to
the mountains, and to them, most likely, will not be laid comfortable

$ 42 million invested in the project
entrepreneur, such a unique watch will be first
interesting for people of the future, interesting for many centuries,
unless, of course, nature destroys them. But Jeff Bezos is hoping
her condescension to such an impudent idea on his part, since
very much wants to leave to descendants not only this watch, but also their name
creator, that is, your own.

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