Giant cracks in kenya continue to tearAfrica apart

We have already reported that Kenya is tearing the ground apart, which creates
impression – Africa is split in half. Today’s events in
Kenya continues to confirm the most pessimistic forecasts
researchers about the Nubian and Somali bias
tectonic plates relative to each other.

In this long-suffering African country, giant cracks in
the soil is being born one after another. Last few days
serious geological anomalies were formed, for example, on the slopes
Aberdair and Elgeyo ranges, between which thousands live in the valley
Kenyans who are now forced to either urgently evacuate, or
if there is no such opportunity, continue to live in fear of failure
underground at any time (see the video about it).

As journalists write, the flight of people here can be called already
not even by evacuation, but by the outcome – so much did they acquire
character And many Kenyans simply have nowhere to go, but
it is impossible to stay here.

Dangerous cracks grow every day, every night Kenyans, who
remains until the inhabited areas, hear a terrible roar and rattle.
Swaying houses, numerous cracks appear on the walls, more
dilapidated buildings just fall apart.

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