Giant glaciers seen on Icelandfunnels

Iceland’s largest glacier Vatnajokull (Vatnayokul) – the second
largest in Europe – suddenly began to melt like ice cream in the summer: on
huge holes with a diameter of up to a thousand meters appeared.

As scientists say, the cause may be global
the climate change of our planet, the displacement of the poles, and
recently intensified seismic and volcanic
activity on the territory of this island nation. Turns out
that the land lying under century-old ice is first revealed behind
many thousands of years, that is, since this massive icy
cover was formed.

Researchers believe the glacier is melting
Eyyafyallayekyul volcano, which in 2010 brought a lot
unrest and inconvenience, both to residents of Iceland and to Europe as a whole.
However, this monster can wake up even more powerful Katla volcano,
which has been dormant since 1955. In general, all these processes –
increased activity of thirty active volcanoes as well
bursts of volcanic activity this summer and led to
that the Vatnayokul glacier began to turn into a kind of
hovering ice.

What Iceland threatens to melt this glacier? Certain
ecological disaster, of course, is knocking on the door, especially
residents of the island state are concerned about possible flooding, however
and climate change itself can create considerable problems. Generally
However, increased melting of arctic glaciers can cause serious
environmental problems in Europe and North America, that is
сегодняшняя аномалия – странные funnels во льду Ватнайокуля в
Iceland is only the first swallow of the upcoming global
changes in this area of ​​the globe.

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