Giant space magnetic shield capableprotect the earth from the sun

Scientists Abraham Loeb and Manaswi Lingam Harvard-Smithsonian Center
astrophysicists have proposed creating a giant cosmic magnetic
щит, способный protect the earth from the sun. And actually, why is it
need to?

Paradoxical as it sounds, our planet lives off
Sun, and at the same time may perish at any time from the native
luminaries. Rather, to say, because of the sun on earth
perish all living things including cease to exist and ours
civilization. Solar flares, storms, coronal mass ejections
can lead to such disastrous consequences as exiting
building artificial satellites, and hence the entire available on the planet
electronic equipment, including the collapse of all
electrical systems on Earth. What is it for our
civilization, probably, no need to explain even the youngest

In September 1859, a solar storm occurred, which brought out
building all the telegraphs in North America and Europe (nowhere else
just was not), but then her civilization was saved by her technical
backwardness. Today, such a number will not pass, such a sunny
activity will simply drop us in the Middle Ages with the destruction of 80-90
percent of the population, and in a matter of months. And who guarantees
that such a solar storm will not happen tomorrow?

Does this cosmic magnetic shield?

The giant cosmic magnetic shield proposed by Loeb and
Lingam, able to protect the Earth from future “solar disasters”.
Such a shield must be marked at a certain distance between
The sun and our home planet so that it rejects the charged
particles brought by the solar wind. According to scientists, the shield weight
105 tons (approximately, of course) will cost for all countries of the world
100 billion dollars, which is commensurate with the cost of the ISS.

So for the Earth it is more important – the International Space Station or
protection from the possible death that can be expected from the sun in any
moment? Unfortunately, scientists have not even learned how to accurately predict
solar flares and storms. And what’s the use of such forecasts, if from
expected strike nothing to hide? ..

In addition, a similar magnetic shield can be used for
other goals, scientists note, for example, to search for brothers by
mind, not to mention the fact that it will allow to preserve health and
even the lives of millions of people who suffer and even die from
increased solar activity that healthy citizens of the earth
don’t even notice.

However, other Sun researchers disagree with the conclusions of Loeb and
Lingam because, in their opinion, the Sun is reasonable
being, and therefore we do not know what role it plays in
the birth and development of our civilization, and whether it needs destruction
her. And if so, then our attempts to protect against this supermind
simply naive and ridiculous, and building a magnetic shield is practically
discarded money for the solar wind. As confirmation
their conclusions advanced scientists cite the latest data that
show that some kind of
huge objects (the theory of the emergence of new planets), near him
fly absolutely fantastic UFOs and there are still very many
incomprehensible and mysterious. There is even a theory that the sun is “cold”
and on its surface there may well be some kind of superdeveloped
civilization, of course, is not biological, as on Earth …

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