Giant underwater cockroach found at the bottomof the ocean

According to various estimates, science knows about the underwater world from 5 to 10
percent, no more. Such a run in the very assessment of opportunities
scientists are also clear: how can you compare the known with the unknown?
In any case, it’s all just a guess, but almost all
Researchers agree on the main point: we humans have virtually nothing
know about the inhabitants of the deep sea.

This was confirmed by a one and a half month expedition of scientists.
Indonesian Institute and National University of Singapore,
которые сейчас усиленно изучают дно ANDндийского of the ocean, а вернее
say – a little bit of it in the southern part of the island of Java. AND
even just one and a half months of work in this direction were
so stunning in their results that they literally
shocked researchers with new marine animals: discovered
more than 12 thousand species unknown to this science.

Especially interesting for scientists were hermit crabs
A new type, lobsters that have a chainsaw, amazing
bloody shrimp and more. But the highlight of these programs
underwater exploration has become a huge deep-sea cockroaches (see
photos and admire with scientists).

AND если некоторые виды морских животных в принципе оказались лишь
�“Modified acquaintances”, then underwater cockroaches are something
new to these deep sea. Biggest deep sea
Cockroach scientists jokingly called them the star villain Darth Vader.
How much does he look like the movie hero of the famous star film epic –
to judge you, but for submariners for some reason at the sight of this monster
there were such associations.

This is what the expert says about the unique underwater finds
Peter Ng:

Мы даже не предполагали, что на дне of the ocean близ острова Ява
there are such amazing creatures. True, scientists rarely
опускаются в глубины of the ocean, я, к примеру, не помню даже, когда в
The last time in this place were similar studies. BUT
it’s a pity…

Note that all this rich catch of researchers still need
тщательно обработать и изучить, и этим работники ANDндонезийского
Institute and the National University of Singapore will take care of
soon. How big the job is, even says
The deadline for publishing the first report is no earlier than 2020.
Imagine now why scientists know about the world ocean so
few. BUT то, что и знают, может оказаться лишь легкой тенью реально
the existing underwater world …

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