Giant worm crossed the night road toMexico

Eric Ivan from the Mexican city of La Paz, Southern Lower
California claims to be a witness a few nights ago
incredible picture.

According to the young man, he was riding a bike not far from
the heights of Cerro de la Calavera, when his “iron
horse “snatched ahead on the road extremely surreal spectacle.
The Mexican says that the roadway was crossed by a large creature
similar … to a worm in human growth!

Mysterious monster, they say, quickly cut its segments
brilliant body, hurrying along the road. However, he
I didn’t crawl like a normal worm, but vertically, I use
your back end is like a leg. Startled Eric immediately slowed down and
once managed to photograph the creature on the camera of the smartphone, before
than the monster disappeared in the crevices of the rocks on the opposite side

Returning home, Ivan immediately laid out the resulting frame in

In the caption to the picture a young man stressed that before
observed in La Paz mysterious phenomena, riding here at night on
bike ride. For example, once he saw strange lights in the sky, and
another time I heard a frightening inhuman cry from the dark

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