Global dimming has been heavily talked about inThe web

What is global dimming? If you have never heard of
this natural phenomenon, we’ll clarify for you that for the first time about
In 1985, the scientist Atsumu Ohmura (Atsumu Ohmur) from
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Federal
technology institutes in Zurich and Lausanne).

The scientist warned that a gradual approach is coming to Earth.
darkening, that is, the level of sunlight in the next three
decade will decrease by about 10 percent. Their
Atsumu Ohmur published observations on this issue in 1989,
however, it soon turned out that he was not the only one who came to
the same shocking conclusion. In the nineties, many scientists
noticed that the level of solar illumination of the planet as a whole falls,
and this was particularly acute, for example, in the Arctic and Antarctic,
let’s say the people of ireland began to notice this phenomenon at the end
last century.

However truly alarming on the occasion of a global blackout
scientists scored only in 2007, when researchers from Volcani
Center of the Israeli city of Beit Dagan summarized all available
this issue data and concluded – that’s right, that is
sunless time awaits the Earth, and its inhabitants – serious problems with
health, and not only. Israeli researchers have agreed with
founder of the famous weather channel weather channel john
Coleman, who promised to make this data public, bring them to
the general public.

But … John Coleman suddenly dies, never fulfilling
his word (the reason for his death is still not clear why
some conspiracy theorists concluded that John was simply removed in order to
he did not frighten earthlings with these terrible scientific predictions).

10 years have passed: what do we have now

10 years have passed since the death of John Coleman, and only now in
The web стала всплывать информация о глобальном затемнении,
которое уже трудно скрыть от the general public. Take in
as an illustration this winter and in particular last December.
For example, in Brussels in the first month of winter the sun was observed slightly
more than 10 hours, why the meteorologists of Belgium were forced to admit
that it was the darkest winter month since 1887 (compare with more
early period is simply not possible).

But what about Brussels, even if the southern French cities
Marseille and Bordeaux, celebrated as “sun traps”, got in
December respectively 26 and 10 hours of sunny weather instead
average about 100 hours. And Muscovites, to note, in
the last month of 2017, the sun was observed only 6 minutes versus 18
hours in that far 1985 …

Here is how Roman commented on this sad phenomenon for Moscow
Wilfond from the meteorological department of Moscow State University:

It was the darkest month in our history.
meteorological observations, it is not surprising that at this time Muscovites
began to notice drastic mood swings, long periods
depression, and “Moskovsky Komsomolets” spoke about the surge in visits to
to psychiatrists …

What is it, apocalypse approximation? Not excluded agree
conspiracy therapists, but it’s too early to draw conclusions, let’s see what we
will present the summer of 2018, it is possible that the alarm on the occasion
global dimming – another throw in order to intimidate earthlings,
who have recently become increasingly free from
zombies by the world elite and their minions.
Too “dark” days of this winter could simply be used to
come up for people (in particular, gullible people in Europe)
Another scary story, because the previous ones, for example, about the end of the world,
alien attack, the approach of the planet Nibiru and so on, already
does not work. And here – everything is foggy and vague, no specifics.
– you can panic from every cloudy day …

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