Glowing “alien worm” and “flyingplate “hit the video

Another amazing find made on the Web popular
Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring. According to the expert, in the World
the web turned out to be a video that is one hundred percent
proof of the existence of aliens!

An experienced researcher determined that the video was obtained in
Monday, April 23, in the Chilean city of Wentaleuken (region
Coquimbo). At sunset in the thunderclouds here seemed something in which
many of us will be very difficult to believe.

The frames below, which have already become small
a sensation demonstrate a striking bunch of light wriggling
in the sky. It looks like a giant, radiant worm, as if from
Hollywood sci-fi movie. But the most incredible
occurs at the end of the video when among the clouds suddenly appears
�The “flying saucer” is even bigger. �”Alien
the worm flies into it, and both anomalies disappear from view

Of course, many web users came to the following conclusion:
it looks too good to be true. Skeptics
suspect that before us is only a skillful installation. Similar
special effects can be obtained in any modern
video editor, if you have experience, talent and spend on creating
hoax enough time. However, other commentators believe
(or at least want to believe) that this video is
authentic, and we are not alone in the universe.

Some Internet users believe that recently
time in general there are a lot of incredible events that are
harbingers of global change on our planet. That’s
aliens are increasingly showing us something astounding, or
intensified in order to prevent the apocalypse on earth, then
likewise, preparing us for it. In our time have become possible
any miracles, and for this, it seems, no longer need any photo and
video editors …

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