Glowing funnel over Siberia foreign mediaadopted for the new secret weapon of the Russian Federation

The other day, Russia held a nuclear weapons management exercise.
strategic forces. Four ballistic missiles were launched
from different regions and had different trajectories.

In particular, from the Plesetsk cosmodrome was launched
intercontinental rocket “Topol”, which created in the night sky over
Siberia unusual effect. Awesome appeared above the ground
glowing “funnel”, fancifully shimmering various

Siberians to such “air anomalies” have become accustomed, but
foreign journalists were amazed when videos and photos,
depicting the trail of the rocket hit the English segment
The internet.

Foreign media employees started
to build various theories regarding the origin of the “funnel”.
Some of these hypotheses look quite fantastic. Besides
Moreover, the Western media naturally did not fail to suggest that
our country, as always, in their opinion, is plotting something

Alien invasion? In the sky over Siberia appeared
amazing UFO.

The heavenly anomaly that has arisen in Russia foreshadows
the beginning of the Apocalypse?

A real miracle: in the sky over Russian Siberia
a glowing flower was formed.

Russians are testing the mysterious climate weapon in

Vladimir Putin may have opened a portal to another

Russia is trying to frighten the West grand military
exercises with the use of secret weapons.

These are the headlines you can read now in English
news sites. Even when the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially
stated that the glow in the sky over the Siberian cities is
the result of the launch of Topol, the foreign paparazzi continued
to cast a shadow on the fence, convincing its readers that Russia
prepares the West for some kind of supernatural surprise.

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