Glowing ghost hit the cameraobservations

User “Reddit” under the pseudonym rebelme87 published
curious material in the section of the site dedicated to the supernatural
phenomena. His story about how a glowing ghost hit on
камеру observations.

The man says his cousin lives in London with
her husband and two daughters. One of the girls is 15 years old, the other is 3
of the year. Recently, something has happened to the youngest daughter.
strange. She told her parents several times that she saw black
man on the ceiling of his bedroom. Once the mother of the family came to
her room and noticed how her daughter points a finger at the chandelier and
something babbling.

Cousin rebelme87 (user nickname) told him that too
began to notice the inexplicable in her house. For example, in the dark
day she began to hear quiet steps from the corridor, as if someone
cautiously approaches her husband’s bedroom. And once the door is quiet
scratched from the other side, and that despite the fact that no pets in
there is no house. On January 7th, something even more unexpected happened.
scary. В 1:58 ночи камера observations запечатлела возле дома
British glowing silhouette, vaguely reminiscent of human
figure. A mysterious clot of energy hovered in the air not far from
trash cans and radiated a bright glow.

According to the author of the publication, he and his relative are not aware
have what it is and cannot find what has happened rational
explanations. Therefore, the man decided to ask the users
Networks, what they think about this. Some commentators have decided that
it is an evil entity appearing at night in the house and recommended
family contact a priest or a psychic. For others,
it’s about ball lightning. Still others argue that this is for sure
an insect or speck of dust in the camera lens. There are also skeptics
who consider it a purposeful hoax. At the same time almost
everyone agrees that in this life a lot of mystery and incomprehensible,
that our world is completely different from what it presents to us
orthodox science …

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