Glowing ghosts of children played in the park

The user of the famous entertainment resource “Reddit”
laid out a mysterious photo made by him on the eve of Halloween 2010
of the year. Many site regulars immediately stated that this is one of
most striking and intriguing pictures depicting
the intended paranormal. According to a man living in
UK, the frame is absolutely authentic and no retouching
was exposed.

The author of the publication says that he recently went through his old
photos and was shocked to the core when I discovered
among them is this picture. Mysterious frame depicts a glowing
an anomaly that resembles two small children playing in
tag in the middle of a picturesque park. Naturally, the Briton is simply not
could not share his discovery with users of the World
spider webs Here is the story he tells:

Это произошло 31 октября 2010 of the year. It was the last
fine autumn day, and my mother and I decided to go for a walk,
to enjoy this beauty and at the same time experience mother’s new
the camera. At a certain point, we ended up in a local park and
took some pictures there. Even when we subsequently manifested
photo, they did not find anything unusual. Just now,
7 years later, I accidentally noticed on one of the images that
strange blue glow, like two fun children. what
can it be? I don’t particularly believe in ghosts, however, honestly
speaking, I have no rational explanation for this.

The materialists on Reddit tried to find this explanation. By
the opinion of some skeptics, all the fault of the light scattering in the lens –
Say, the highlight of the sun created such a strange effect on the picture. Other
doubters suggest that it is a bird or fallen from
tree leaf, which created the paradolic illusion. Still others believe
that it was a wandering light – a rare natural phenomenon,
observed most often in swamps, cemeteries and fields at night

Many commentators point out that the blue glow around
supposed phantoms clearly falls on the ground and grass, that is
the anomaly clearly looks voluminous. If it really was
sun flare, it would obviously have a flat appearance.

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