Gods aliens and ancient legends

Боги - инопланетяне

People tend to turn to the help of more powerful forces, to
those who have great knowledge, who can protect and become
good support in difficult times. Therefore, since ancient times, people
cried to the higher forces. According to one of the most famous
legends told by the ancient Sumerians, they descended from the sky
chariots of fire from which the golden steps descended to the ground
people with big oblong heads. Were they gods
aliens that the ancients worshiped and that drew
centuries of knowledge from our well-known aliens? Surely
it was. Today, mankind has reached a completely different
coil, and because it is a little difficult to cope with all those
events that happen around. Namely perceive “flying
chariots of fire “not as a game and fun, but as the return of the great

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