�”Golden Plate” designedaliens will soon leave the solar system

The Voyager-2 spacecraft was launched by NASA on August 20, 1977.
years in the framework of the program of the same name to study the most
planets of our star system remote from the Sun, and therefore this
the controlled ship was the first to reach Uranus and Neptune.

However, not everyone knows that this legendary device is
�”Golden Plate” designed для наших братьев по разуму,
that may meet on the path of the Voyager-2 ship flying
Now it is not known where in the infinite space.

However, he has not yet gone beyond the solar system, but
this significant event will occur in December of this year.

For reference: on the “Golden Plate” recorded human speech on
54 languages ​​of our planet, as well as all kinds of sounds of natural and
artificial origin, numerous photographs,
demonstrating the life of mankind on earth. All this according to
the scientists making up this program will give a complete picture of how
what is a terrestrial civilization, fell into the hands of the RFP
intelligent beings.

Recall that not all scientists of the world welcomed the launch
similar information in distant space, for example, the now deceased
theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned earthlings that such premises
and the signals (there were a lot of these at all) should not be done, since
the most we can bring to Earth hostile aliens,
who seek in the universe worlds like ours, suitable for
colonization. Moreover, such a colonization will not bring anything
earthlings besides enslavement and perhaps even complete
destruction …

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