Google panoramas found distinct imageNessie

Lisa Stout, 31, from the American city of Bellevue, Ohio
viewed recently through the Google map service
Earth “panorama of the coast of the famous Scottish Loch Ness
and probably discovered the legendary one

The mysterious photo, as specialists specify, was taken on
the Loch Ness Highland Resort resort in April 2015.

Amazing frame shows a large dark object
stuck out of the water near the shore. Anomaly clearly resembles
dinosaur creature with a long neck and raised up
head. Some cryptozoologists acquainted with the mysterious
with a snapshot, they even looked at the monster’s eyes. By opening this link,
вы сможете увидеть предполагаемую Nessie своими глазами.

Scottish specialist Gary Campbell officially collecting
information from the image of the Loch Ness monster and information about his
observations, called this find truly amazing. Hundreds of
людей ежедневно посещают водоем в надежде запечатлеть Nessie на
photos, however, such a valuable picture was accidentally turned out by employees
�”Google”, swept across the lake with a panoramic camera. And that’s what
surprisingly: no one during the last three years has passed
noticed this anomaly …

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