Gorilla in the Philadelphia Zoo has learnedbehave like a person

An 18-year-old male western lowland gorilla named Louis,
living in the Philadelphia Zoo, considered one of the most
smart monkeys on the planet. This primate is so intelligent that
in many ways copies of people. Louis prefers to wash his hands before eating, and
he also learned to walk on his hind legs, holding his back straight. Turning on
the video below, you can see the movement
this amazing animal with my own eyes.

Perhaps it’s all due to the fact that this gorilla has never been found.
in the wild and all my life I stayed with people. A monkey
closely monitors the staff and visitors to the zoo,
adopting many behavioral features of a person. Reportedly
what most often Louis gets up on his hind limbs when carrying in
front paws are various treats. In addition, the animal is
extremely clean. When dirt forms in the aviary, the primate
walks on his hind legs, so as not to smudge the front. He like
mentioned above, washes his “hands” before each meal, although
no one taught him such a hygienic ritual.

Louis has a height of 1.8 meters and a weight of 200 kilograms. He was born in
May 1999 at the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri, and in 2004
moved to the Philadelphia Zoo, where he became one of the “bachelors”
western lowland gorilla. Local zoologist Martin Stern
says louis is showing quite impressive
intellectual skills. This clever monkey, among other things,
has an enviable sense of humor and understands human speech
up to the awareness of abstract concepts.

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