Governments of world powers are looking for alientechnology

As reported by the British edition of the Daily Express, available
David Clark’s ufologist accidentally got secret documents
british special services destined for everlasting
National Archives.

It appears from them that in the 90s, at the end of the Cold War with
USSR, London seriously feared that Russia would be the first to get hold of
инопланетные technology, которые можно будет использовать в военной
race, but because Britain tried hard to get ahead
potential adversary. It seems that such documents can
found in the archives of the United States and Germany, and many other countries of the world.

What does it say, asks David Clark, and
replies: in spite of the seeming indifference to the alien topic with
sides of officialdom (government, military, scientists serving them),
UFOs and aliens today are not believed only by the most backward layers
population. Moreover, the presence of aliens on Earth can
today is easy to follow online.

Here, for example, are the two most recent examples:

Amateur astronomer noticed something alien in space

Famous amateur astronomer Linda Miller the other day perfect
accidentally caught in the lens of your device Canon Sl2 50 mm with
a great exposure of 12.9 seconds is something weird – an object that
the woman failed to identify in spite of certain
knowledge in this matter.

Therefore, Linda posted the received material on the Internet and
asked the community of lovers of space puzzles to determine what
is it a star, an asteroid, a spaceship or even
portal to another world?

Miller is fond of looking into the starry sky and shooting
all that interesting to her there. And often she comes across such
fun things – real space gifts that could
interest not only amateurs, but also professional
astronomers, and maybe even special services …

Unidentified flying objects in the Chinese mountains

Recently, UFOs were seen in the mountains of the People’s Republic of China.
Unfortunately, the author of the video did not specify where it was filmed.
all this.

But the video, as noted by professional ufologists, is in itself
quite interesting. Firstly, this is clearly not a fake and not a fake. On
it is beautifully captured, as between two ridges covered with forests,
flying mysterious brightly appearing objects of the unknown
origin, which for some time maneuver between ledges, and
then they just fly away.

And such videos, not to mention the photo, says David
Clark, it’s getting bigger and bigger, so today, to
believe in the presence of aliens on our planet, no longer needed
no secret government documents about UFOs. However,
Such information is interesting in another way: as proof that
military and special services of world powers are trying their best
заполучить внеземные technology. Why? That’s right
each without further ado.

Assume that at least some power has acquired such
technology, не получается, поскольку любая страна, сумей она
to touch it would certainly show them all
world, whether it be England, Germany, not to mention the United States (enough
recall their atomic bombings of civilians in Japanese cities
Хиросимы и Onгасаки).

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