Grandmother’s phantom imprinted on the photobritish women

A 34-year-old Briton from the English town of Kwegley reports that
the ghost of her late grandmother hit the picture with her.

A few days ago, Carla Underwood dined with her
подругой в ресторане, и приятельница british women сфотографировала ее,
sitting at the table. When the women watched the snapshot,
Karla unexpectedly found on him a blurred human head,
as if floating in the air.

Underwood immediately recognized her grandmother in a mysterious phantom
maternal line Irene Wilkins, who left our world in 1982 – for
year before the birth of Carla. Our heroine never saw her grandmother,
however, she always felt a strong connection with the deceased
relative In her youth, Irene wore a short hairstyle, therefore
her granddaughter is convinced that it was Wilkins’s spirit that manifested itself on
submitted photos.

According to Carla, she has a certain birth since birth.
extrasensory abilities. When a woman turns on
life crossroads, not knowing what to do, she asks the highest
strength to give her a mark and almost always gets it in one way or another.
Recently, an Englishwoman got into a situation when she realized that
relationship with her young man, already lasting nearly 6 years,
bring her only negative emotions.

In recent months, Underwood has thought a lot about whether she’s worth
parting with her boyfriend, and really hoping for
supernatural sign that will allow her to accept the right
decision. When the British woman saw the photograph taken in the restaurant
the ghost of her grandmother, she immediately realized that an unhappy relationship
you need to quickly finish, and threw the young man. Despite
the fact that Carla was very attached to her former lover, she
absolutely does not regret her choice and claims that in her life,
finally, joy began to return. A woman tells:

Recently, I was just lost. Our
relationship lasted as much as 6 years, and I did not want to just
tear them apart. So I asked the Universe to give me a sign, should
Do I throw this man. Can you imagine my surprise when
in the picture with me seemed ghostly face! I
showed the photo to her brother thomas and he confirmed that
this is our grandmother. I считаю, что лучшего знака я не могла и
receive. Irene, who is in heaven and loves me very much, does not
could allow me to spend my life on a man who
brings me a solid disappointment.

The materialists on the world wide web are sure that this is no
a ghost, but a certain casual restaurant visitor who
held at the time of shooting behind our heroine and because
imprinted on the photo fuzzy. Skeptics even suggest that
Underwood herself subconsciously understands this, but comes up with
various mystical excuses for your decision to stop
long relationship with unloved man.

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