Green spherical object flying over Mexico.during a thunderstorm

Last Wednesday, August 22, over the Mexican city
San Juan Tepic-Nayarit broke out in a storm. One of the locals
decided to capture the bad weather on video and suddenly witnessed
mysterious phenomenon.

During the next flash of lightning in the sky flew incomprehensible
an object. At first you can see it on the one below.
12-second record in the form of a dark ball. Then when the horizon
lit by electric discharge, the UFO suddenly lights up green
with light.

An unidentified flying object zooms through the air with a huge
speed, then disappears without a trace over the city. The author of the video
convinced that a spaceship hit the lens of his camera
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. According to some
Internet users, it could be a fireball, some
energetic entity, meteorite or some kind of natural
anomaly. Anyway, the unusual stuff turned out to be quite
is popular among web regulars.

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