Greenland glaciers confirm historyEurope

According to a press release on, an international group
scientists examined the glaciers of Greenland, finding traces of lead
emissions left here from 1100 to ours and to 800 of ours

As the researchers found, lead got here with the winds from
European lead-silver developments, dating back to
Ancient Greece, then the Roman Empire, in its heyday
was widely used as lead itself (from which only
Beginning from plumbing to plating
ships), and silver, from which the coin was minted,
dishes were made, works of art were created and
jewelry (note that the Argentum, which we call silver,
again smelted from lead ores).

The most striking thing, scientists say, is that the ice cover
In this case, Greenland fulfilled the role of archival “manuscripts”, according to
which is easy to trace the stages of development of European society
time since the age of lead deposits is fine
correlates with the heyday and decline of those great European

For example, maximum lead pollution occurs in the first centuries.
AD (the highest flourishing of the Roman Empire), but in times of
known wars and epidemics concentration of heavy metals in
Arctic ice is the smallest. The same picture is traced in
last hundred years of the existence of the Great Rome. So with a big
точностью определить все это («прочитать» историю древней Europe)
scientists had to make more than 21 thousand measurements, but thanks to
to this they covered a huge period of almost 2 thousand years.

By the way, many modern readers may experience
the natural question: why did the ancient Greeks and Romans use
so much lead in everyday life, which, in general, is harmful to
human body? This is true, but deadly
dangerous effects of heavy metals on human internal organs
people discovered much later, but because the ancients completely and
fearlessly poisoned themselves with lead, creating from it not only
plumbing, but also the dishes, because of which their digestive and
central nervous system. However, this is a topic for the article at all.
another plan …

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