Hairy hands that ruinmotorists

If our world is organized as it is presented to us by scientists, then
why in it constantly appear mysterious entity like from
�”Nowhere”? Sometimes a similar phenomenon becomes frightening.
appearance and fantastic meaning, for example, it concerns the terrible
hairy hands, “supervising” the English road B3212 near the city
Postbridge county Devon.

Devilry is happening just two bridges. What kind of evil
settled there since 1911 (it was from that date started here
mystical stories happen to motor transport drivers
means), but this road spirit with hairy hands, as claimed
everyone who ran into him is aggressively opposed to people. Other
case that no one understands the criteria for this poltergeist
chooses its victims.

And it happens like this: on the steering wheel of a car or a motorcycle
there are hairy male hands that are trying to take driving
transport itself, and sharply turning the car or motorcycle on
curb or directing them into the oncoming lane. To fight hairy
Hands, as this phenomenon is called here, is very difficult – at its best.
If it is possible to release the gas in time and stop the transport, after
what hairy hands immediately disappear.

Cases when hairy hands tried to destroy

For more than ten years, Hairy Hands have been considered a superstition of the weary.
drivers (you never know what might look like a headache), while
in 1921 the first tragedy did not occur (it crashed to death
Dr. Helby Dartmoor Prison Motorcycle. Before the tragedy doctor
managed to make his children jump out of the stroller, thanks to which
the phenomenon of “hairy hands” has already acquired a real meaning. And soon on
the same road almost died on a motorcycle captain of the British army,
practically ace in driving a two-wheeled vehicle. That’s how he
described to journalists what happened to him:

On the steering wheel of my motorcycle suddenly appeared strong male
hairy hands that began to try to shove transport into a ditch.
I fought them as best I could, but they were stronger than me – and, in the final
account, I flew to the side of the road. I woke up – lying in the grass, next to me
motorcycle. And the hands are gone …

Writer Michael Williams, author of the book Paranormal Dartmoor,
he himself faced Hairy Hands. When he was driving by
Postbridge in 1924, in the area of ​​those two damned bridges on the steering wheel
his car appeared a pair of hairy hands, seizing control.
The man barely managed to prevent a collision with the oncoming
transport, after which he never went on this road,
but for a long time I was even afraid to tell about it, because
believed that in this case the Hairy Hands could deal with him for
such talkativeness.

Волосатые руки оставили motorists в покое?

But what is interesting: after this incident, the phenomenon of “hairy hands”
gone Thought – forever. An, no, in 2008, on January 12, somebody
Michael Anthony at 11 o’clock in the evening was driving along this route, heading for
Bristol. It seemed strange to him even that he had barely passed
Postbridge, as he was gripped by a feeling of gratuitous fear, he had
hands began to tremble, and the man even thought about a stroke.
However, everything turned out to be much worse: on top of his hands on the steering wheel,
one more appeared – muscular and hairy, and these strong
mystical hands began to turn the car, directing it to

Being a very strong man, Michael repelled the attack three times.
hairy hands, after which they began to dissolve in the air and …
gone. Frightened man stopped the car and for a long time could not come
in yourself, afraid to move on …

… For almost ten years now, nothing has been heard about Hairy Hands.
Can’t be heard, paranomatic researchers ask, or
Are drivers afraid to talk about such a miracle? After all, with fatigue what
just do not ghost, screaming skeptics, and their in our society, to
Unfortunately, a lot. Maybe not more than normal (and not
distorted) sober-minded people, but skepticism, like any
low (negative energy) state
human, demonstrates increased aggressiveness, which creates
the false impression that it dominates our world. therefore
drivers can just be silent, afraid of ridicule buddies, and even
harassment from companies and even authorities.
I don’t want to end up in an insane asylum because of some “hairy hands”
it is better not to tell anyone …

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