Half a century of lunar oblivion – and noprospects

We are currently celebrating the 49th anniversary as the first person
Earth supposedly entered the surface of the moon because the flight
American spaceship Apollo 11 on the natural
The satellite of our planet took place on July 16-24, 1969. Thats
There has been almost half a century since this momentous date.

And for these half a century, so none of the leading countries of the world, including
United States, did not colonize the moon, moreover – for some reason all hastily
abandoned this project and forgot about it. The explanation of this step
looked at first like convincing – too expensive.

But now half a century has passed, and the flights into space, the carriers themselves and
Earthlings’ spaceships during this time are so
perfected that, it would seem, can and remember the moon. By
the occasion of the anniversary of the first flight to her publishing Business Insider
even published a great article, gathering in it memories and opinions about
tom distant global event. But what strikes you:
readers are offered the same old song – flights to the satellite
Land is too expensive. Even now?

Or is the reason for something else?

Let’s reason logically, or rather, let’s turn to
stories. At all times, even the most expensive and adventurous
companies such as Columbus’s voyage in search of
shortest route to India, despite its huge costs and
zero return (India did not discover, gold did not find, cheap slaves
too), nobody betrayed in oblivion. Byчему? It’s very simple: it was
promising, and when there is a prospect, the price of the issue
interested in.

Byлучается, что освоение Луны оказалось не перспективным делом?
No matter how wrong! Thatsт, кто первым колонизирует ее, практически станет
the lord of both the moon itself and the earth in general. On the satellite you can
install rockets, laser weapons, communication stations, telescopes and
much more. And from the Earth all this figs you will get. Are the Americans
profukali such a prospect? And the Soviet Union was suddenly blown away and
stopped every moon race with the United States. And all because
some money? ..

Yes, this can not be! Among the world elite there are no fools, but money
she has enough to master not only the Moon, but all
planets of our solar system – would be a prospect. Thatsгда в чем
a business?

But this is exactly nobody knows until now, except
obviously the world elite itself. We can only do separate
assumptions that (no matter how many) are reduced to the main
– The moon is not attainable for earthlings in principle. Most likely man
cannot exist at all outside their own planet. And even break out
its limits are still very dubious. Not by chance many
experts, including Trump’s advisor, the famous scientist David
Gelernter, claim that Americans never flew
The moon is impossible in principle because of the deadly radiation
Van-Allen belt (protection from this cosmic radiation is not yet
since then, not to mention the year 1969).

Moreover, even unmanned terrestrial vehicles, which
visited the moon, it seems, have proved that the Earth satellite is far from
natural, and some kind of artificial base, and because no one of us to
it will not let and close …

About this official science, as well as representatives of leading
the world’s space agencies, including NASA, keep quiet
rag. So for the anniversary of the “first manned flight to the moon”
the press says nothing new – so far it is just expensive. BUT
seriously, happiness is not in money, but in perspective. BUT вот
her, apparently, in the exploration of the moon is not, and not even
foreseen in the near future.

BUT потому, как ни крути, а получается, что ни на какую Луну
Americans never flew …

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