�”Hammer and Sickle” photographed in Russiathe sky

The picture below has flown over the past few days.
domestic and foreign entertainment resources. Alleged to
что житель неназванного российского города увидел в вечернем the sky
something fancy and captured it on camera, then laid out
The resulting image on the Internet.

Our unknown compatriot photographed the light in the dark
clouds, suspiciously reminiscent of the hammer and sickle shape
the legendary state emblem of the USSR. �”Heavenly symbol”,
personifying the unity of the workers and peasants, it turned out so
clear and unambiguous that the Russian hardly believed his

Many users of the World Wide Web, who looked at this photo,
considered that we are talking about a sign from above. Perhaps the Russian
society expects the return of socialist or even
Communist ideas, say numerous commentators.
Some Networkers regulars joke that “hammer and sickle” was
artificially applied by someone to the clouds as a statement that
It’s time for Russia to throw off the shackles of hated capitalism.

Of course, there were also such commentators who decided that
we have a skillful installation. However, no one has yet succeeded.
find evidence that the snapshot was processed in
photo editor. Most likely, nature just joked like that
us. Or did she sign? ..

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