�”Handwriting” of the behavior of a UFO – eachtimes a real mystery

And although the photo and video from UFO today, few people will surprise, like
information still attracts internet users and is
most popular. And the main highlight of each such photo and
the video is not even where it happens, but as: UFO
differ from each other in shape, size, color (or
illumination), speed of movement and maneuverability, but the main thing
– behavioral “handwriting”.

For example, a “flying saucer” may haunt a person
car, appear or disappear in front of witnesses and even in
the lens of a video camera, fly out of the Sun (spin around it),
observe the work of astronauts on the ISS, spin around the orbital
Mars stations, appearing from a portal that suddenly formed in
thundercloud, and more. Let’s consider only two cases.
(from among the latter) associated with a UFO, to understand how everything
it is diverse and incomprehensible in terms of classification and
ordering, which are engaged ufologists.

The American was shocked by a UFO hovering above his house.

This photo was sent to a ufologist by a Pennsylvania resident of the USA,
who that night suddenly suddenly woke up is not known why.
However, he soon realized that he was awakened by some unclear
monotone buzz. In the house of man, the source of this noise is not
found, then he looked out the window and … froze.

There was a strange thing hanging over the house, in the dark it was
It is very difficult to see, but she clearly moved through the air.
The American had time to remove this UFO once, when the lights got out
all the house, and his smartphone suddenly for some reason instantly

I was shocked by all this, an eyewitness writes, I never
faced with nothing like that, I could observe for some time
the outlines of this mysterious object on a lighter sky,
since there was pitch darkness all around. And then the UFO just disappeared. Thats
whether flew away instantly and completely silently, or dissolved in
the air …

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