Hanging stones do not obey the lawgravity

One of the most mysterious phenomena, quite common on
Earth – these are hanging stones that do not obey the laws
gravity, впрочем, как и другим законам физики, потому что не
fall even under the strong influence of natural forces.

Hanging Rock in Canada on the cliff of Digby County

Take, for example, the brightest and therefore
of a fantastic, hanging cliff on the cliff of Digby County in Canada.
This is a block with a height of 9 meters and a diameter of less than 2 meters, i.e.
a kind of stone pillar, which, as if tightly “stuck” to
edge of a cliff on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in New

At first glance it seems that this stone is about to fall – from
light whiff of wind. However, neither storms nor even waves that
often fall on a cliff where this miracle stands, nor any other
natural cataclysms are not capable of disturbing the stability and peace of this
the rocks.

Hanging stone of the natural park “Ergaki”

We in Russia have our own hanging stone – a stone block of 600
tons of weight, which has long been lying on the brink of the famous
Park “Ergaki” Krasnoyarsk Territory. This rock is not subject to
закону gravity можно увидеть на каждом сувенире, связанном с
this place of tourist pilgrimage. A piece of rock is touching
with its surface only a small area, which, according to the laws
physics, can not keep this lump.

However, the mysterious stone not only does not fall under its terrible
weight, it can not drop (even sway) neither wind nor erosion
processes or even earthquakes that are in this natural park
Not unusual.

Hanging Golden Buddha Stone in the State of Mon Myanmar

The amazing Stone of the Buddha, which is also incomprehensible way
hanging on the edge of a cliff on Mount Chittiyo in Myanmar (formerly Burma),
covered with gold leaf, of course, believers, that is, it is not
piece of precious metal. However he is in such
incomprehensible suspense for two and a half millennia
(there are documentary evidence).

According to the most common legend, the mystical lump
held by the thread of the Buddha himself, imbedded in this stone. And
this is proved by the fact that the Stone of the Buddha can be shaken,
and it is easy, it will take the efforts of only two people. But also
being swung, the lump does not fall down from the rock, as if in the
To business “attached” by a magic hair of “enlightened”.

Krishna’s Hanging Ball in India Mahabalipuram

This mysterious stone is most often called the oil ball.
Krishna because, according to local legend, this is nothing but
a piece of butter created by a riding deity of the Hindus. Lump
not quite hanging, however it is kept on a steep slope fantastic
the way in contact with the rock is only a tiny support, which,
according to all the laws of physics, can not keep this heavy stone
ball. And it is not only worth it, it is impossible even to move it (there were such
attempts, but even 9 elephants could not move a spherical lump).
It is not by chance that the Indians, not at all fearing for their lives, rest in
shadows of this hanging miracle.

Hanging Rock Idol at Brimham Rocks UK

In England, there is an amazing boulder that, like a glass, stands
on a thin stalk. And это настолько удивительно и
unbelievable that seems to be standing on one of the edges of this
stone idol to sit down a bird, and he immediately falls. No matter how wrong!
The hanging rock idol, created by nature, does not fall and does not even
reeling from the strong hurricanes and rabid rains. And it looks like
real devilry.

Hanging Rock in the Garden of the Gods Park in the United States

In the state of Colorado, the United States attracts the attention of the hanging red rock
Park “Garden of the Gods”, better known as the balancing stone. For the sake of
In order to look at this wonder of the world, here comes a lot
tourists, why photo and video materials about this rock can be easily
find on the Internet.

Bill Dan’s Hand-Made Hanging Stones

But the Indian Bill Dan from San Francisco creates his “hanging
stones ”(see photo) to the delight of tourists, photographers and
artists. Its amazing structures of collected stones are also not
падают, словно отказываясь подчиняться законам gravity.

However, there is no miracle here, since Indian Bill
perfectly knows the laws of balancing on the basis of which
creates his own mysterious stone construction. However, unlike
fantastic hanging stones, these sculptures are not forever, it is worth
it is harder to blow the wind – and from them there is no stone unturned, here
why Bill Dan does it only in calm weather …

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