Happiness or unhappiness in life – from a persondoes not depend

To some extent, this is a scientific discovery made by the British
scientists of the University of Warwick, confirms the assertions of the fatalists,
that each person is given a destiny from which you cannot escape. But there are
a certain uniqueness in this new look at what
depends on the happiness or misfortune of each of us.

Immediately make a reservation that this is only a theory, and British scientists
(this one combination of words causes a skeptical smile to many),
but, as they say, even in a joke there is some truth, and here – the scientific
discovery, and very interesting.

To begin, let’s recall the saying of the English writer
Quentin Crisp, who lived almost the entire XX century, a lot
I have seen it in my long life, so at the end of it I came to
the disappointing conclusion that “the British will never
happy “because it is a nation of” grumpy pessimists. “

Scientists at the University of Warwick have only confirmed this by coming to
The conclusion is that the British are genetically programmed for misfortune.
As well as many other nations, for example, purebreds
Americans are genetically the same unfortunate British. Therefore
neither stability, nor the wealth of this country, nor its power over all
the world does not make the Yankees satisfied, they are all the same as in
past centuries, fall into depression, despair, blame the whole world for
of mortal sins and pray to God to send in the same Russians or
Arabs fiery hyena. And the thing is that Anglo-Americans
the gene responsible for the production of serotonin (the gene of happiness) is too
�”Short form”. Therefore, these people by definition cannot be
happy, whatever life gives them, no matter how material
blessings showered their heads …

According to The Times, based on the statement of Professor Andrew
Oswald, who heads this research by scientists from Warwick,
unfortunate Americans and British only French, who have this
the gene is even shorter.

But the Danes, the Dutch, for example, for this reason, originally
happy because they are “joyful nations”, darken
who are not capable of any tragedy and trouble. Certainly in
For each country, for example, in the same USA, live not only purebred
the British, but because, as practice shows, the professor says
Oswald, the same Americans who have, say, Dutch
roots are happier than the rest of their fellow citizens because they have
a long version of the serotonin gene is preserved.

Unfortunately, in the article The Times, on the basis of which it was written
this note says nothing about the genes of Russians, Belarusians,
Ukrainians, even about Georgians or, say, Kazakhs – not a word, nor
half a word. It would be funny to find out how long the happiness gene is from
us or our closest neighbors. However, this is without the British
scientists understand that a Russian can be quite satisfied
and completely happy, even with only arms and legs and a little sober
head …

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