Harmful asbestos continues massivelyuse

Despite the fact that in the civilized world asbestos has long been
recognized as a poisonous material (for example, in the EU it has been banned since 2005
years), developing countries that live up to 80 percent
населения Земли, продолжают массово use этот минерал,
making of it a lot of building and household products, because
it is convenient and cheap, albeit unhealthy …

Asbestos turned out to be the “fantastic” material, which is so
people were waiting – a real brilliant find of their time,
an invention claiming the Nobel Prize (well, what else
not awarded to anyone). It was simple to mine and make.
him all sorts of things ranging from building structures and
ending with household appliances. And as soon as it was understood and
accepted, the world has become massively poisoned by its carcinogenic
by fibers.

The find of the century – asbestos

Under asbestos need to understand the whole group of fine-fibered
minerals whose largest deposit was first discovered in
Canada. The most dangerous of them are crocidolite and amosite,
fine fibers which can remain in the human body very
a long time, destroying it, most often leading to cancer

There is a lot of asbestos in nature, and since
it is easy to recycle, and such undeniable positive
qualities of this mineral, as lightness, relative strength,
resistance to chemical attack, fire, excellent
dielectric properties – all this allowed this unique
material literally in a matter of years to flood the entire world. Scientists to
Unfortunately, it was not immediately determined that its fibers are carcinogenic.
True, by the time it was still discovered (or
made public because asbestos mining and production from it
Tens of thousands of products carried huge profits to the powerful of the world), from
terrible mineral has already suffered quite a few people.

Amazing Asbestos Products

It is in vain to think that asbestos was widely used only in
construction (slate roofs, for example, interior partitions
and so on), even kitchen towels were made of it, which were not
just wiped, and allegedly polished dishes, cigarette
filters (absolutely “harmless”, as the producers assured),
fireproof shoes, work clothes and more.

Although asbestos wall cladding walls in preschool children
institutions and schools, which is everywhere and used in the XX
century, is already a great crime of the century, since many children
suffered from this and later died from cancer.

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