Has the smartphone spotted a ghost?

35-year-old Donna Gill from the English city of Leeds recently filmed
his 3-year-old son Jacob to the camera of a smartphone. Woman
has used the mobile application “Snapchat”, capable of
automatically find faces in a frame and assign different ones to them
comic details like animal ears or noses. The british doesn’t even
suspected that this innocuous entertainment would make her suspect
presence in his home comes from the next world.

The video below shows a little Jacob.
grimaces in front of the camera, while the “Snapchat” filter will paint on
he has cartoon ears, eyes and freckles. Unexpectedly the same
animated effects appear several times in the air to the left of
boy However, there are no people there! Why popular
the application suddenly behaved as if it were in that place
someone’s face? Is it, unlike the human eye, its there
�”Seen”? Donna sincerely believes that her house could start
real ghost, which is the application “Snapchat” by chance
�”Caught” …

Internet users, however, are in no hurry to believe in such
paranormal. According to the Network’s regulars,
the usual failure of the program. Say, “Snapchat” has a very
primitive facial recognition technology and often takes
human various dark objects, even remotely resembling
human face. There is a lot of hanging on the wall to the left of the child.
photographs in frames that could be mistakenly recognized
application as someone’s eyes, nose and mouth.

But on the other hand, everything could be exactly as
says Donna Gill, is not it? It’s not for nothing that esoteric and
psychics warn us that the delicate world of the dead is touching
our reality is much denser than we think (or, more often,
do not think about it at all). Sorry, the application itself can not be asked
what did it see in the apartment of the British …

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