He was half a century experimental “rabbit” foraliens

Nowadays, millions of people annually disappear without a trace, that is,
They are not found, despite all the efforts of the police, relatives, private
detectives and even special services, since not only the rank and file
citizens, often high-ranking officials.

According to one theory, missing people accidentally “fail” in
параллельные миры или их похищают aliensе. And although neither
another is scientifically proven or at least not yet verified
(and even independent researchers), the missing people, although
rarely, but returning to our world. It is they who tell where
what happened to them there, how they managed to return – and
thus become a living confirmation of this theory.

The aliens abducted him back in 1966

Walter Cromwell was among such happy “returnees”
(Walter Cromwell) from the American city of Springfield (state
Missouri). He was the most ordinary American guy who
далеком 1966 году шел с работы, когда был похищен aliensами
(today he even vaguely remembers how this happened). And through
half a century this, now old man, returns to Earth
or, quite possibly, in our physical world. Returning to father
the house of his father, 71-year-old Walter finds there only his sister
Evelyn (Evelyn), who, like himself, has long aged,
however, immediately, at first glance, I recognized my native
brother, no matter what the separation.

The old man himself confesses that he is infinitely happy that
returned to his home and met here at least one soul mate. Today
elderly brother and sister are engaged so far only in that
view their child and youth photos yes remember those
wonderful times, when they were not only together, but also young,
full of hope and romance aspirations. Unfortunately, to be filled
many of them were simply not destined …

Sometimes Evelyn tells her brother how she lived all these fifty
years, but Walter himself told his sister in response practically
nothing: all these half a century, he was as if under anesthesia and remembers
only the fact that he was constantly undergoing some experiments,
first up to a dozen a day, although lately all these tests
significantly reduced.

Он боится, что aliensе снова его похитят

He does not know why he was released, he probably became old and
негодным для экспериментов aliens, однако в этом случае
the question arises – why they simply did not get rid of him or even
would not erase his memory? True, with memory in Walter in fact
not all right, why he remembers from his alien
imprisonment very little.

Journalists from the local newspaper Springfield Gazette, of course,
tried to pull out of the old man everything possible, but the resulting
information about the aliens, the place where Cromwell got and even more so
about the essence of the experiments that were conducted on it, as much as
and the stories of the old man to his sister.

After the interview with Walter in Springfield Gazette
Cromwell, many readers, as well as Internet users called
the US government to provide financial assistance to the old man and in general to everyone
кто был похищен aliensами, а потом имел счастье вернуться на
homeland. However, there were those who suspected Cromwell of
fraud. He himself says so:

Above me for half a century was spent by
aliens столько опытов, я прошел столько тестов, что готов
endure anyone and from their fellow citizens, proving to them: my
The story is sad, but real, and there is not a grain in it.

The only thing the old man is afraid of being kidnapped again
aliens He understands perfectly well that he is already old and, apparently, no matter what.
no longer fit for them, but the fear of this to overcome in your soul is all the same
can not…

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