Headless ghost holding a babycaptured on video

Englishman Chris Choker claims he managed to run into
a ghost According to the man, he laid bricks in the customer’s basement
and accidentally noticed a phantom whitish figure in the darkness of a building.
Puzzled by the builder recorded on the camera the alleged mirage, and
that, to the surprise of our hero, is relatively clearly imprinted on
video. The author of the video below is convinced that it was
headless ghost with a child in their hands.

Chris says he did the chores in the house of the times
Georgian era. Built in the 18th century, the building produced
Chucker and his colleague Darren Vools a depressing impression. AT
a certain point men noticed a mysterious pale silhouette in
empty basement. They captured it on the record and immediately posted
полученный материал во ATсемирную паутину. Many web users
in fact, we saw something inexplicable on the video. Others
commentators said anything could be hidden in the dark
down to bags of cement.

The builder tells:

This is a very strange house in Bristol. ATпервые мы заметили здесь
something unusual when Darren left a pack of tobacco in the basement. On
the next morning we found in it 20 it is not clear where it came from
holes. And there are constantly exploding light bulbs. I spoke with
people working on the floors above and they told me that
periodically they hear an incomprehensible noise from the basement when there is nothing and
there is not anyone. I found out that there was a trade in this house some time ago.
slaves. Maybe it is their restless souls still rampant

As more people in the world believe in ghosts, the video
became popular on the Internet. As one commentator noted
to him, today the belief of people in the reality of ghosts has become quite
another plan, the modern educated person most often
perceives it not as a religious mystic, but as having
parallel, so-called afterlife. He, apparently,
really exists, and therefore often manifests itself in our physical
reality. And there is no mysticism in this …

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