Headless ghost punished tourist thief

Traveler from Australia recently visited the ancient Welsh
Abbikumayr monastery and stole a tiny stone from there. Now same
the tourist wanted to return the stolen historical artifact because
this “daring crime” cost him too much. Unknown
the man claims that after committing his theft began
chase the creepy phantom of a headless prince.

The Aussie sent the monastery administration an anonymous letter, in
which told his curious story. The envelope was also
that pebble is the size of an acorn. According to
traveler, he is very ashamed of having robbed a fortress
12th century. The alien claims to have done it exclusively.
due to his passion for Welsh history, however, bring to
even such a small piece of foreign culture turned out to be a big one
by mistake.

It was worth the tourist to get this souvenir, as it immediately
failures fell down. In addition, the man began to notice in his house
a real comer from the next world. Translucent human figure
without a head periodically materialized in different rooms,
putting horror on our hero. A history buff thinks it is
ghost of the last independent ruler of Wales, Llywelyn an
Griffid, who died in 1282 during the battle for this area.
The British cut off the prince’s head and brought to London. There she was worn
solemnly through the streets for the fun of the public.

Administrators Abbikumayra placed a letter from the Australian
glass and put it at the entrance to the fortress – apparently in
edification to other thieves. It remains to hope that after such
upright repentance the spirit of a headless Welsh ruler
finally stopped terrorizing an Australian tourist. True,
No one knows this with accuracy yet, but it is possible for the wave that
the Welsh history lover will also tell the museum, and therefore to us, about
this …

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