Heaven over New York lit up strangein red

Amazing video received by a random motorcyclist the other day
from the US state of New York, attracted the attention of users
World Wide Web.

The operator, who shot the video late at night, almost at night, did not
understands what it is and asks if it can be polar
shine? However, fanatical ufologists Brett and Blake Cousins, leading
popular YouTube channel Thirdphaseofmoon, have another, more
ominous explanation of what happened. According to them, it’s all the fault
mysterious alien activity.

Research brothers report that a similar phenomenon
was observed recently in Ohio. Late at night when
the sun has long gone, the impenetrable dark sky suddenly
осветилось кроваво-in red. And it was not a second
flash, and a strong glow, shone, according to witnesses, more
quarter of an hour. Numerous eyewitnesses were simultaneously scared and
are amazed at the heavenly phenomenon revealed to them, however to define it
nature, no one has failed. Cassins predict that
humankind should expect big shocks in the near future,
who descend from space. The bloody sky is the forerunner of these
scary events.

The amazing video was watched by about 150 thousand.
person. Some Internet users are convinced that the speech is still
is about the northern lights. Say, in low latitudes the aurora is capable
acquire a bright red hue. Other commentators
adhere to the ufological point of view and suggest that this
there was a huge ship of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization,
illuminated the sky. Still others believe that this is a deadly planet
Nibiru is approaching Earth. According to the fourth, on camera
the biker got a religious omen of any important
change in the world.

Scientists are silent for now, however, their opinion can be foreseen without
of them – of course, the northern lights, about what other aliens,
mysterious planets and even those more heavenly omens
can talk All this simply can not be, because not
maybe never …

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