Heavenly rumble and light storms around the world:brewing uncontrollable nuclear reaction that can explodeThe earth

As we have already written, the mysterious celestial is fixed throughout the world.
the rumble from which both military and space agencies deny
like NASA (we have nothing to do with it), why are born the most
fantastic and at the same time the most terrible theories and forecasts. BUT
here, lightning lightning storms began to occur more and more and also in
different points of the earth. What is it really and can it be
предвестником BUTпокалипсиса?

Scientists still do not really know the nature of lightning and, most importantly, that
Does it generate apart from high electrical discharge? For example,
thunder that accompanies celestial flashes cannot be
the result is only electrical discharges. Japanese scientists,
Thoroughly studying recently the nature of lightning,
experimentally created electrical discharges comparable to
lightning, however, they issued a very distinctive crack, familiar to us
from school physics lessons, but not thunder.

It is not by chance that researchers are trying to penetrate nature.
fusion reactions of lightning, which theoretically was known as early as
last century. And the Japanese managed to prove it. That’s what it says
about this one of the participants in these experiments Teruaki

Speaking in a simplified language, lightning and thunder are
consequences of a thermonuclear reaction that occurs in the atmosphere that
accompanied by another burst of gamma radiation, which we managed
to fix. BUT теперь проставьте, что происходит в атмосфере при
light storm, for example, registered in May of this year over
BUTнглией и Францией, когда за 12 часов сверкнуло более ста тысяч
Lightning – nuclear reactions. The same thing happened in September over
California, and now these light storms are almost
not the norm for our planet. Plus to this mysterious celestial
trumpet sounds all over the Earth … It seems that the thermonuclear reaction in
the atmosphere tends to its critical threshold. If this
happens, then it instantly becomes uncontrollable, and we get,
neither more nor less than an atomic explosion the size of our planet.

Such a forecast is only a theory, however, if we turn to
ancient texts, including biblical, then they say that
перед BUTпокалипсисом будет много молний — и они, в конечном счете,
will cover the whole sky. If you translate it into a scientific language, our planet
just explode, turning into a new star …

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