Heavenly “torpedo aliens” hit the videoduring a thunderstorm

Arizona researcher of anomalous phenomena, leading popular
YouTube channel “MrMBB333”, published a mysterious video,
received at the end of last week by a resident of Nebraska. Unknown
a man driving in the evening in a car and shooting a thunderstorm when suddenly
noticed something extremely strange in the sky.

Among the clouds, a black cigar-shaped object appeared huge
size, rapidly firing to the side, as if some
torpedo, and leaving behind a dark plume. Astonished operator
could not believe my eyes and even stopped the car to reconsider
received record. Despite the fact that the quality of the video turned out
low enough due to the weather, the anomaly described is clearly
imprinted on it.

After returning home, our hero immediately sat down at the computer and sent
frames received by various ufologists.

Of course, many researchers of the “flying saucers” and “green
people “felt that before us a kind of fantastic
aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Other
unorthodox experts suggest that
secret aircraft of American or Russian

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